Comics Update

A lot of doing business is trial and error. In 2022 we set out to have the goal of loading 10,000 used comics onto our online store. This started out with a roar and we did pretty well at first. Then, as you could have guessed, we didn’t reach out goal. There were a number of reasons for this. 

  • Covid-19 hit supply chains and our wholesale source of comic bags and boards dried up.
  • Used comic books, especially in bulk, became more expensive, and we were limited to domestic supply with the cost of international shipping.
  • We found that, to get range, we wanted affordable comics online, but of course the time and staff resources to load these didn’t really pay for themselves. 
  • In June I stopped working at Atlantis day-to-day (I had a good work opportunity come up and went back to postgrad study as well). As the owner my time was cheap, so I was able to load a lot of comics in the evenings. Now Kurt, who took over the Monday to Friday running of the shop in June, focuses on more rare and collectible books.

As a result, we haven’t put as many comics online and tried to keep the stock we have been able to get on our shelves for customers to browse. Part of the purpose of this website, obviously, is to generate extra revenue as well as add resiliency with extra sales channels. This will mean some changes along the way as we figure out the best way to do things. Our experiments won’t always work. We apologize for any inconvenience and for not doing what we set out to achieve.

Onwards and upwards!