General Update

This is just a general update to do with the shop.

We are now open again. We temporarily closed on 6 March due to isolation requirements and lack of staff, then opened on 11 March only to close a few hours later for the same reason. We were finally able to open again with normal hours on 19 March. Unfortunately with Omicron in the community, there is a likelihood this could happen again.

We can expect some delays now in uploading stock to our website. This is due mostly to time, but also a supply-chain issue with comic bags. We've been trying to upload 100 comics a week and we started putting these in fresh bags with boards to keep them safe and presentable. At the moment we are struggling to source wholesale bags. In the coming weeks this could change and we could begin sorting and processing comics a lot faster again (staff time permitting).

We're still taking books in for store credit as usual, but are careful with what we accept. If you have any questions about bringing books in, you can email or call ahead.

A final note - as the owner of Atlantis Books I work pretty much 7 days a week and hold the whole thing together. Despite being a household contact and other drama, I remain negative. This is good. But it also means at some point I will likely still get Covid-19 and when that happens we will close again. With other staff on board, we could hopefully keep the shop open for a few days and give people warning, but it does mean we need to prepare for another closure at some point. Ideally it never happens, but we need to be realistic.

So if you're coming from out of town or bringing a lot of stuff in, it would be best to check Facebook for updates or even better call ahead.