New Look Website

You'll have noticed the website is a bit different. We've spent a lot of time recently moving to a new platforming and loading products onto our site. You'll now be able to buy from us directly online.

We resisted this for a long time. Due to the size of our store, and how many books come and go each day, a database of everything in stock would be impractical and expensive. It would make more sense if we were a new bookshop. Then the prices are higher and you have multiple copies of the same book.

Anyway we've now got an online store. Please note this isn't everything in our shop. We have over 30,000 second-hand books and there is still no way we could put them all online. What we are doing however is curating an online selection.

Our first priority is to get a good range of comics onto the website. These are really popular every holidays and we want to find a way to engage with our out-of-town customers all year round. A website is also perfect for comics because it makes finding particular issues so much easier.

This will take a couple of months to do, so keep coming back. If we add, say, 100 comics a week to our store, then in 6 months we'll have a database of 2,600 comics. It'll be a lot of hard work but we think it will be worth it.