Justice League of America (Volume 1)
Justice League of America (Volume 1)

Justice League of America (Volume 1) #38

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This is a second-hand copy of Justice League of America (Volume 1) #38. It comes bagged and boarded.

Writer: Gardner Fox
Penciler: Mike Sekowsky
Inker: Bernard Sachs
Cover Artists: Mike Sekowsky & Murphy Anderson

The JSA defeats the Lawless League and then the three monstrous creatures created by the Johnny Thunder of Earth-1; He concedes defeat and tells the Thunderbolt to turn back time to before he ever heard of him; T-Bolt then later stops Johnny when he's about to wonder if he has a counterpart on Earth-1 again, since all previous events were erased from everyone's minds.

Condition: it is getting a bit rough. As visible from the product image, there is some pen ink on the cover. Mainly this is red ink visible in the top left-hand corner of the cover, as well as blue ink on five distinct spots. The back cover also has blue ink as visible in the product image. There is also some wear and tear and creasing. From the top of the spine, there is an 18mm split.

Further photos or information available on request.

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