Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand: Second Series

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This is a second-hand copy of the book Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand: Second Series by Audrey Eagle. This is a hardcover book with a dust jacket. The dust jacket has been covered in a non-adhesive PVC cover to keep it safe. This can easily be removed as it is only folded in place. 

From the inside flap:

In 1975 Audrey Eagle's first collection of botanical paintings, Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand in Colour, was greeted with enthusiasm by reviewers (see below), other botanists and zoologists, and the interested public. In 1978 the two main groups (Trees and Shrubs) were published in sumptuous paperback form as two separate books.

This first series illustrated examples from each genus (about 228), all shown natural size (except for a few which were reduced by 5 per cent) and in colour. Possibly the most valuable aspect of the work was the inclusion of flowers and seeds, often in detailed enlargements.

Even before the first book was published, the artist had started work on Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand, Second Series. This was an even more daunting undertaking: to complete the illustration of each species (and most subspecies) of the New Zealand plants which could properly be called trees or shrubs.

To incorporate over 400 paintings within the confines of a book of the same format, and without too much increase in bulk, has resulted in some ingenious solutions, but has not changed the aim of natural-size reproductions. Not only in sheer quantity, but also in details and variations, and in technical quality, these new paintings are something of a triumph, completing as they do the coverage of this country's woody-stemmed flora.

The text not only describes each plant, but also gives information on habitat, distribution, synonomy, etc. A glossary with cross-references is also included, along with keys to abbreviations; brief taxonomic guide; list of books and journals; short biographies of people who are ‘immortalized' in specific names; maps and index.

Because some of New Zealand's biological nomenclature is still in a fluid state, a number of individual plants have acquired new names since the first book was last revised. A section on name changes and explanations is included in this Second Series to avoid confusion when using the two related books together.

Contains 405 colour botanical paintings by Audrey Eagle. Dust jacket protected by non-adhesive PVC cover. Can be removed easily with no damage to the book. Slight foxing/age spots on top edge and on first inner page.

Publisher: Collins
Published Year: 1982
ISBN: 0002165325
Pages: 382
Book Condition: used book (good)
Jacket condition: good

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