Māui, Friend or Foe? [USED]

Māui, Friend or Foe? [USED]

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This is a second-hand copy of the small booklet Māui, Friend or Foe? published by Open Wānanga in 2011. It is a small paperback booklet and 18 pages.

The stories of Māui add to the links of mythological evidence that bind Māori behavioural and characteristic patterns with those of ngā atua Māori. His deeds exceeded the mightiest efforts of demigods from other nations. Hercules accomplished nothing compared to Māui, who snared the sun, fished up land, found fire and with his powerful karakia, changed man to animal! As with all stories spoken in such fashion, interlinked with deeds of such proportional feats are underlying warnings of excess and failure to recognise an in-balance of actions. Māui, friend or foe, explores both the positive and negative aspects of cause and effect, reminding the reader, once again, of the meaning and purpose of ngā pakiwaitara Māori.

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