Rotorua's Plume: a History of Rotorua Boys' High School

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This is a second-hand copy of the book Rotorua's Plume: a History of Rotorua Boys' High School by Ken J. Lyall. It is a hardcover book with dust jacket. The dust jacket is protected by a non-adhesive PVC cover. This can easily be removed as simply folded in place. This book contains black and white photos throughout. These are mostly portraits.

From the inside flap:

Rotorua's Plume is the first major book to examine the history and development of Rotorua Boys' High School from the time of Rotorua's foundation in 1880 through to 2001.

This book represents the definitive history of one of New Zealand's oldest and largest high schools, and has drawn extensively on records maintained not only in the School's Archives, but also in Archives New Zealand (previously the National Archives of New Zealand), the Alexander Turnbull Library, and numerous other sources in New Zealand and overseas, both public and private.

Rotorua's Plume is “Raukura", and the author explains the special significance of the Maori concept of Raukura to the School in this book. However, the influence of local Maori on Rotorua Boys' High School is also a major and continuing theme in the School's history initiated by the leasing (or "endowment”) by Ngati Whakaue of the site of the new Town of Rotorua, in 1880. The endowment provided the School with a guaranteed source of future revenue from the proceeds of activities established on the five “Local College & Grammar School Endowments” created by the Crown in the first survey in 1881, which were to become prime commercial real estate in what is now Rotorua's Central Business District.

The author has traced the School's history from its formative beginnings as a provincial district high school in 1914, until now a period overlooked, through to the more recent impact of “Tomorrow's Schools”, and including the impacts of two major World Wars, and periods of substantial social change, roll growth, decline and re-building. As such, it represents in microcosm a substantial part of New Zealand's European history, and readers will find many general features that have been shared with other New Zealand secondary schools. But Rotorua's Plume is principally a history of the people and events that have shaped the Rotorua Boys' High School, and the book is richly endowed with text and photographs that illustrate their activities, and their many and varied contributions.

Who will read this book? Those with an interest in the history of education in New Zealand and school governance will find many fascinating insights into the process that has led to the initiation of “Tomorrow's Schools" and the way it has responded to changes in government policies and social needs. Old pupils and past and present staff will find biographies of the major figures and records of the people and events associated with their own time at the School. Moreover, as Rotorua Historian and old boy, Dr. D.M. Stafford, explains in his Foreword, historians will find this an invaluable and rigorous information source on a range of topics covering 121 years of New Zealand's educational history. However, perhaps the most important readership will be the future staff and pupils who wish to understand the Schools beginnings, and the myriad of influences that have led to its current embodiment.

Condition: this is a used book. Some age spots/foxing on inside of front and rear cover. Someone has left a sticky mark, like a finger print maybe on the title page. At the rear of the book, two blank pages look like they've previously been stuck together and pulled apart. Dust jacket is fair with some signs of wear around the edges and foxing on the inside. Now protected by a non-adhesive PVC cover.

Publisher: Rotorua Boys' High School
Published Year: 2003
Pages: 632
Book Condition: used book (good)
Jacket condition: fair
ISBN: 0473081180

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